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Overview Strategic Communications Public Affairs Government Relations Crisis training and crisis management
  • Strategic Communications Strategic communications is designed to provide ways for businesses to respond to needs and opportunities, including for building and sustaining reputation.Often based on a campaign approach, it entails coherentmessaging delivered across various channelsbased on rigorous research, planningand then effective implementationto achieve long-term impact.Strategic communications is ingrained into the North Head DNA for our services to clients.

  • Public Affairs In rapidly evolving economies such as China,the regulatory and policy environment can often be difficult to read. Understanding political trends and government objectives is essential to formulating effectivebusinessstrategy.To achieve that, companies need to monitor, understand and analyze policy and regulatory developments.
    North Head enhances our clients’ abilities to foresee, understand and assess strategic responses to complex public policy, regulatory and reputational challenges by providing timely and insightful reporting. This enables our clients to confidently assess and successfully manage political and regulatory risk, and to recognize opportunities in the political and regulatory arena.

  • Government Relations In China and across Asia, governments significantly impact the environment in which corporations and organizations operate. Constructive engagement with government leaders and officials at the working level has become ever more important for success and the ability to navigate political and regulatory risk. Effective outreach to govern- ment organizations determines the ability to minimizethenegative impact of a crisis, orcapitalize and derive opportunities from a supportive regulatory environment.

  • Crisis training and crisis management No organization is immune from crisis.Crises are a testing time for management and corporate reputations;timely, judicious decision-making and communication are critical to ensuring employees, customers and external stakeholders retain confidence in an organization and its products or services.North Head assists clients with counsel and services to ensure they are adequately prepared,able to weather the crisis towards an optimal outcome and then recover or even enhance their reputations.