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Trade Policy Dialogue (TPD) on Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation for APEC's "Forgotten One Billion"
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North Head made key contributions to the Dialogue recently held at the APEC Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM3) in Cebu, the Philippines. The TPD was organized by a caucus of five APEC members – China, Malaysia, Peru, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

John Russell, North Head MD moderated a panel on “promoting products which contribute to sustainable and inclusive growth through rural development”. This brought together representatives from the APEC secretariat, OECD, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Philippines Institute for Development Studies, as well as the Mountain Institute, an international NGO working with remote communities in the Andes, Himalayas and Appalachians.

The second panel was a series of case studies from Indonesia, China, Peru and Malaysia of policies and products that promote poverty alleviation.

Since 2013 North Head has been campaigning for APEC inclusive growth, for more focus on the needs of the one billion people living in the rural areas of its developing members. Some 75% of APEC’s poor live in the countryside – these are “APEC’s Forgotten One Billion”.